Top 9 Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster (Video in Khmer)

Sometime your computer getting slow and even can use it. There are many factors that could slow download your computer performance. In this video tutorial in khmer show top 9 problems that you can fix to make your computer run faster than before in 2 or 3 times.

These are 9 tips quick summary to make your computer faster:

1. Remove Unnessary installed software
2. Disable startup program
3. Close all unuse Applications
4. Use only one Anti Virus at a time
5. Try to keep your Drive C more free space
6. Keep Your Desktop Clean - Store in Drive D or E
7. Keep Your Devices Driver up to date.
8. Virus - Scan virus regular
9. Upgrade Your Hardware like SSD or RAM
Hope this tutorial is helpful and help you to understand more how to maximize your computer performance.

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